With xCAD Cloud you can share your xCAD designs and present it with xCAD Live3D.

It has never been easier to provide 3D interior designs by the planning office on the customers tablet or smartphone for presentations.

This is how the xCAD Cloud works:

xCAD Cloud

1) Upload 3D models via xCAD Interior

In xCAD Interior version 1.8 you have the ability to upload your xCAD 3D models into the xCAD Cloud.

You will need an xCAD Cloud user account for which you can register here. The use is free of charge in the first 3 months.

In xCAD Interior you can create 3D models (furniture objects) or a group of 3D objects in an otherwise empty scene. You will later view the 3D models with xCAD Live3D in the real environment and therefore you should not draw any walls.

You can always keep control of your planning!

2) Manage your plans in your xCAD Online Library

In the xCAD Online Library you can find and manage your plans.

Sign in with your xCAD Cloud user account to manage your plans. You can modify these properties in your plans:

3) Presentation of plans with xCAD Live3D

Use the free xCAD Live3D App to visualize plans from the xCAD Online Library on your mobile device! xCAD Live3D provides the following features:

Do not waste time and install xCAD Live3D!